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Guide and upgrade the meeting experience.

COERO Meeting Room Display - Outside
Room booking notices

A user interface that improves your office space.

Experience a new kind of display design that is intuitive, integrated and customisable. COERO's sleek design covers an advanced, feature-rich functionality hidden behind the beautiful user interface.

COERO is interactive

Connect directly through your tablet or dashboard. Schedule, extend or reorganise meeting room information with ease at any point in the process.

COERO is easy to use
Easy to use

A fully integrated and easy to use interface that holds relevant meeting information and integrates updates or sudden changes instantly. This allows collaborative change before or during meetings.

COERO improves effeciency
Drive efficiency

An amazingly intuitive system that keeps track of meeting time and sudden changes right on your meeting display. So the occupancy schedule is always up to date.

COERO Meeting Room Display - Outside


  • Room name
  • Time
  • Availability
  • Booking information
  • Booking option

Take command

  • Optimise the use of your meeting room
  • Avoid the dreaded double booking
  • Includes an overview of current and following meeting
  • Update meeting room status easily
  • Integration with your current office tools
  • Match your booking display to your room ambience
We are proud of our display screens that drive efficiency while enhancing the corporate brand experience.
Represent your corporate identity.

Customise displays with your corporate identity or meeting themes. Include your company logo and define background colours and images for each meeting display.

iOS and Android ready.

Choose your preferred system, enjoy the display benefits.

Apple Logo

Take advantage of Apple's state-of-the-art iPad displays and reliable functionality.

Apple App Store

Android Logo

Runs on any device of your choice that uses an open-source version of Android OS.

Android Playstore

Hardware Recommendation

Use your preferred device

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